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At Countercept, our culture matters as much as our technology, and we are constantly nurturing both. But what are the defining attributes of our culture, and what can you expect when you work with us?

We are open

Openness facilitates trust, and trust facilitates good communication. In our interactions with customers, partners, and employees, we aim to be transparent and communicative. When you have questions, we are open and clear with our answers. Our goal is to be as easy to work with as possible, both with our existing and potential customers, and with each other.

We UX everything

What does it mean to ‘UX everything’? It means that we put the user – the customer – at the heart of every decision, from the length of a document (why say in 1000 words what you can say in 100?) to the user interface of our customer portal. It means one central point of contact.

We make it happen

We give our employees the freedom to blaze their own trail. We want them to have the scope and opportunity to forge uncarved paths, invent new things, and uncover new possibilities in order to provide the best possible services for our customers. If something isn’t working as well as an employee thinks it could, then we want them to find and propose a solution. We want them to take ownership. We want them to make it happen.

We fail learn

If we’re going to continue to innovate and disrupt the attack detection and response industry, then sometimes things aren’t going to go to plan. But we learn from it. When something doesn't work, we put our heads together, get to the root cause, and fix it as a team. Because if we’re too scared to make mistakes, how are we going to make anything at all?

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