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Do you always need to know more? Are you bursting with your own ideas, personally and professionally? Are you still striving to bake that perfect loaf of bread? Do you have a course you’re dying to take or a language you’ve always wanted to learn? Are you always breaking things apart to see how they work, whether it’s a computer, a piece of software, or a make-it-yourself drone? You don’t have to do all of the above. You don’t even have to do any of it. But we want you to be curious, to want to seek out what you don’t know, and share it – sometimes – with those around you.


Do you hold the door for someone behind you? If you use the coffee machine, do you wipe up your grounds? If you drop rubbish on the street, do you pick it up? If you see a colleague you haven’t yet met, do you introduce yourself? Do you do what you’ll say you do, and be sure to communicate if you actually can’t do it? Do you consider that your colleagues might have a different working style to you? When working, do you stick to your own remit or do you reach out to those who might have sage advice and expertise? Do you see clients as people who are trying to build a career, just like you? Our people consider other people. Sometimes actively, sometimes passively, sometimes even in complete silence. We work hard and respect that our colleagues do, too. We strive to make things easier, not harder. We include our customers in this category as well. We work with them to genuinely make a difference. Because that is what we do.


What does it mean to have guts? For us, it means quite a lot. It means you have integrity. You make things happen. You are a bit daring, and a little bit bold. You put purpose before profit. You don’t see obstacles, you see ways to get over them. You don’t settle for ‘good enough’, or ‘works for now’, because pushing things further gives you a thrill like nothing else. You see challenges instead of boundaries and play instead of work. You fly in the face of fear in an industry that thrives on it. But we like to take that definition further still. We want it to embody a quiet confidence. We want it to mean being brave enough to be different, without having to shout that you are. We want it to mean having intense will and self-discipline, and the ability to calmly and unobtrusively get on with your work.


Does the above sound like you? Do you have curiosity, empathy, and guts? Check out our latest vacancies.