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The job

Ever hacked a network and been detected? No, we hadn't either. That’s why we got some of our smartest people at MWR InfoSecurity together to solve this problem once and for all and put attack detection and response on the map.

What started off as just a passion for attack detection quickly turned into a full-time obsession, growing a team of talented people and shaping the Threat Hunting industry.

We only recruit the sharpest individuals, who have the passion and drive to make a difference. If this is you, and you want to work with us, then get in touch.

Life at Countercept

Working for Countercept by MWR is exciting – and serious fun. The work is meaningful and dynamic with every week bringing a fresh challenge. We're a company that takes happiness seriously. So we make sure that our offices are relaxed and informal (our UK HQ even boasts a chill out area with a bar) where people are valued for their skills and brains - not what they chose to wear that morning.

Events allow us to bond as a team and share laughs along with the breakthroughs. Like MWR's HackFu (shown in the video above), an annual two-day training event that has become one of the most exciting challenges for the world’s cyber security elite.

Warning: we also have Nerf guns - and we're not afraid to use them...

A role for you?

  • icon Master Threat Hunter
    Threat Hunter

    Keeps a watchful eye on our client’s networks, hunting for attackers and responding to incidents.

  • icon Attacker Detection Rockstar
    Attack Detection Rockstar

    Oversees the Threat Hunters when the bad guys hit while continuously developing our capabilities.

  • icon Digital Prophet
    Digital Prophet

    Research & Development – Breaks new ground, develops new products and shapes the industry.

  • icon Master Builder
    Master Builder

    Developer – Designs, creates and nurtures new threat hunting tools.

  • icon Infrastructure Dynamo
    Infrastructure Dynamo

    Network Engineer – Designs, builds and nurtures the attack detection infrastructure to keep analysts in action.

  • icon Commercial Ace
    Commercial Ace

    Commercial Team – Spreads the word to new and existing clients, helping them to benefit from our managed detection & response service.

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Current vacancies

Take a look at the positions we’re recruiting for right now. If you can’t see a role for you don’t worry, we’re always on the lookout for top talent. So, if you’ve got the skills or even just the passion to help, then we want to hear from you, whether there’s an open position or not.

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