Endpoint-The weakest link

Exploring effective ways of securing organizations against today’s attacks

Posted on 15 July 2016

Organizations are increasingly spending more money on cyber security, and cyber security is increasingly being recognized as a key business risk. However, regular and high-profile breaches are still happening - so, what are we doing wrong?


This presentation examines why organizations are still being compromised by hackers with a particular focus on the endpoint. This talk will demonstrate the modern techniques that could be employed by today’s attacker as well as exploring the preventive controls to deter against them. Moving beyond prevention, we will go on to discuss the common indicators of a compromise and how they can be effectively utilized for timely detection and response.

Key points to take away:


  • Understand the limitations of today's endpoint preventive controls
  • Gain insight on some security circumvention techniques that could be employed by a modern-day attacker
  • Learn the ways to detect an attacker's presence when prevention fails