Assumes Facts Not In Evidence (Legal Whitepaper)

How cyber security in law firms is misunderstood - and what can be done about it

Posted on 2 September 2016


Cyber attack detection in law firms is often misunderstood. As a consequence, security budgets are frequently misspent. A key reason for this is the series of false assumptions that have become endemic in law firms' approach to cyber security. 

In the latest whitepaper by Countercept we delve into these cyber security misconceptions within the legal sector and explore some of the following:

  • The common false assumptions that have become endemic within the sector
  • Examination of the specific threat landscape faced by law firms
  • Step by step analysis of how your firm might be targeted
  • Invoking economies of scale in terms of cost and capability
  • The SRA guidelines and how they can be used to support the cyber security decision making process


Download 'Assumes Facts Not In Evidence' whitepaper 5MB 

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