Rethinking Response

Posted on 26 March 2019 by Countercept

Download our ground-breaking new report, Rethinking Response

A new methodology for a new era

Our Continuous Response methodology has been uniquely developed to stop attacks as they are happening. Download now for practical guidance to:


  • Execute critical decisions at speed while still collecting live forensics and artefacts;
  • Gather all of the intelligence normally relegated to post-incident investigations while the attacker is live on the estate;
  • Contain and limit the attackers’ access;
  • Prevent them from reaching their objectives while the full extent of the breach is assessed and eviction planned.


Five critical factors for success

We’ve identified five key factors that are critical for effective response: people, data, decision-making, the ability to act, and timing.


Download now
to read how our Continuous Response methodology puts the right people, in the right place, at the right time (Collaboration), while equipping them with the right information to make a decision (Context), and the ability to take the right action (Control). 


continuous response diagram

A framework for change

Download now for a new framework to help you make the case for change to your board by using VUCA to clearly communicate the factors driving your organization’s threat profile, including your goals and strategies for growth. 

Download our ground-breaking new report, Rethinking Response
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