Hunt or be Hunted

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Posted on 13 July 2017

Hunt or be hunted

Speakers: Alex Davies (Threat Hunter)
Talk overview:

Over the last few years threat hunting has risen from being a grassroots hands-on defensive technique to all-out hype as security vendors have jumped on the bandwagon. In this talk I wanted to strip away the marketing and talk about real-life threat hunting at scale and how it differs from traditional security monitoring. I'll cover the key datasets, different analytical approaches, cutting-edge TTPs and the people/skills needed to make it happen. I'll also share some real-world compromises that would have been missed by traditional detection but were found through hands-on threat hunting.

From the presenter...

"The level of difficulty of this talk is 3 and I consider it to be suitable for pentesters, hackers, techie or general geek, business and management. This talk has not been presented at other conferences..."