Yet Another Breach (Whitepaper)

Analysis of a Targeted Cyber Attack

Posted on 25 January 2017

This co-authored paper by MWR and Countercept outlines an example of a modern, targeted attack against a large enterprise and the actions of an unsuccessful defensive team. It is based on MWR’s experience of conducting targeted attack simulations – and of the defense teams that have failed to stop them.

We consider how and why the many security controls typically in place at large enterprises fail to prevent or detect such attacks; and we go on to describe security controls and detection methodologies that would have been effective at each stage.

This document should be of use to the following industry professionals:
  • CISOs/CIOs - who need to understand the nature of a modern targeted attack in order to ask the right questions of their security teams.
  • Technical cyber defense staff - aiming to understand the tactics typically used by modern threat actors and whether the controls they have in place would be effective against these attacks.
  • In-house IR teams - aiming to assess whether the data sources and technologies they have in place would allow an effective investigation and response exercise in the face of such an attack.
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