• Emergency Response If you are under attack – or think you might be – call us. We can remotely deploy and start fighting back within minutes. Learn more...
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Bring the latest expertise, technology, and telemetry for attack detection and response to your organization – without the overhead of managing it. Learn more...
  • Threat Hunting Consultancy It can take up to three years to build an internal threat hunting capability. We can defend your organization while training and developing your team to battle the evolving threat landscape. Learn more...

At Countercept, we know a thing or two about building the best threat hunting team in the industry. The secret? It’s about having the right people and processes as much as it is about technology. And we can work with you to achieve all three.

Our consultancy will build a tailored program with you to:

  • - Train and develop your people with the skills required to achieve the attacker mindset;
  • - Craft and hone your processes to ensure every facet is covered, and;
  • - Leverage the latest technologies to rapidly detect and respond to attackers on your estate.

Once we (and you) are happy that we have delivered all three, we will then test you end to end to ensure that your team is as ready and resilient to battle the threat landscape.


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